About Avalon Airport (AVV)

Address: 80 Beach Rd, Avalon, Vic (1), 3212, Vic, Vi

Avalon International Airport, Victoria, Australia, lies in the vicinity of Greater Geelong. It is about 15 kilometres north-east of the Geelong centre and 50 kilometres south-west of Melbourne city centre. Avalon Airport is also Melbourne's second largest airport.

Avalon Airport is in the heart of a unique setting of volcanic plains, rock formations, endless stretches of coastline, bush, farm and wetlands.  The best way to explore this unique region is to rent a car at the Avalon Airport.

The Great Ocean Road, one of the most beautiful coastal roads, should be the first on your list of day drives. Then, towards the north lies the You Yangs Regional Park with its striking views.  About 22km north from Geelong, near the town of Lara, is the Serendip sanctuary - a haven for native Australian animals and birds.  Or, for a bit of city life, you can hit the road to Melbourne.

  Getting around

Geelong is accessible via Avalon Airport which is only about 20mins south of Geelong.  You can travel along the Princes Freeway towards Melbourne for approximately 15 minutes and then take the Avalon turn-off (Beach Road).

Melbourne central business district (CBD) is an easy, 45-minute, toll-free drive from the Avalon Airport.

Both short- and long-term parking options are available in Geelong. Parking fees and time limits are in place. Always check your nearest ticket machine before leaving your vehicle to avoid attracting a penalty. In general parking is free on Victorian Public Holidays.

  Choosing your car

Most of the major car hire brands are available from Avalon Airport. Choose from the wide selection of compact cars, sedans, SUVs and vans on offer, and add the extras you require.

It is easy to book your airport car rental through our intuitive booking portal, where you can instantly compare rates, vehicles and suppliers.

Make sure you check our site for more information on specific deals, as not all car rental companies have the same terms and conditions.

Pre-arranging your car rental is highly recommended, especially in peak-seasons.  We connect you 24/7 anywhere in the world, on any device.

  Tips and advice for renting a car at Avalon Airport


In Victoria, you’re allowed to make a U-turn at intersections, with or without traffic signals, and at breaks in the median, unless there is a ‘no U-turn’ sign. A ‘no right turn’ sign also prohibits a U-turn.


Some of Victoria's roads have varying conditions and can be narrow and winding. While it may look close on a map, driving times could take much longer than expected.


Watch out for animals straying onto the road, especially on rural roads near sunset and sunrise.


In regional areas it is common for drivers to have their headlights on to be more visible on the road.


If you want to do a short flight to a neighbouring city, such as Sydney or Brisbane, instead of driving long distance, you can always use the cheap regional airline, Jetstar Airways, which operates into and out of this airport as a convenient alternative.


When driving in Melbourne, watch out for the trams, as drivers must give way to them.