About Brisbane Airport (BNE)

Address: Serviced By Redspot, In Terminal The Circuit, Brisbane, 4008 , Qld, Qld

If you are flying into Queensland, and Brisbane in particular, you disembark at Brisbane Airport.  After Sydney and Melbourne, it’s the third biggest airport in the country.

No doubt, you would want to explore not only Brisbane but the beautiful Queensland countryside. And it’s easy thanks to the incredible range of car rental options found at Brisbane Airport. And travelling to the city is easy. In fact, its a quick 20 minute journey on the M3, a major route into Brisbane city centre.

  Getting around

There is much to see and do on Australia’s famed Gold Coast and its best to see it at your leisure. And that’s what car hire affords you. You can come and go as you please. No tourist trips rushing to as many sites as possible in a day. That’s the best way to discover the jewels in Queensland’s crown.

And there is so much to do here. Of course, the Gold Coast beaches are a major attraction. Here its all about sun, fun and surf. You could even venture inland to visit the Tamborine Mountain National Park or discover the rich traditions of the Aboriginal people of the region at the Jellugral Cultural Centre.

And car hire is the best way to get you where you need to be!

  Choosing your car

Brisbane Airport car rental kiosks are conveniently located in both international and domestic terminal buildings, so securing a vehicle is quick and easy.

And you can rent a car from a host of well-known international brands as well as some smaller Australian domestic companies. Some of your airport car rental options include Avis, Hertz, Europcar, National, Thrifty and Budget but there are many more.

And what vehicles are available if you chose to make use of Brisbane Airport car rentals? It’s whatever you prefer really. The choices are varied and will fit in with you and your travelling companion’s specific needs. These include sedans in a variety of sizes, SUVs, luxury vehicles, people carriers, estate vehicles and even convertibles.  These come from a range of manufacturers such as KIA, Toyota, Holden, Ford and Mercedes.

  Tips and advice for renting a car at Brisbane Airport


When leaving the airport and travelling towards Brisbane, travel along the Airport approach road and onto the M3 highway. You will be travelling mainly in a southeasterly direction.


Note, in Australia vehicles drive on the left-side of the road and most are right-hand drive. That can take a little bit of getting used if you are visting from countries that are opposite to this.


Many rental car agencies will only lease vehicles to drivers over 21 years of age. In some cases, depending on the vehicle, you may need to be even older.


You will encounter toll roads in and around Brisbane. Some will require payment straight away, while others are automated. Make sure you know the best way to cover these toll fees.


You will need an international drivers license for travelling on the roads of Queensland. Enforcing road rules is taken very seriously, don’t break them.


Queensland and most of Australia for that matter is full of roundabouts. Always give way to vehicles coming from your right that are already in the roundabout.